Atlantis Rum Camp & Tours  | Wadi Rum Tours & Echo (Bedouin Camp)

 Wadi Rum Protected Area & Natural Reserve ,  Umm Eshrine -  Jordan

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Payment Methods and Conditions

gear online payments1-Payment upon arrival to Wadi Rum to our guide(s) directly by cash in Jordan Dinar or United States Dollars only

2-We don’t accept Euros or English Pound and any other currency because there are no exchange offices in Wadi Rum , also both :  Euros  & English Pound ; their ex-change rates are not fixed , they have daily ex-change rates .

3-You can pay by credit cards: Visa or MasterCards  only (We do not accept American Express)

4-If you want to pay in advance, you are welcome by one of the following options :

A-You can use a Visa or Mastercard credit card and Debit Cards to make an advance payment through either Middle East Payment Services (MEPS).  All card payments are subject to a 3% surcharge:

1-Credit/Debit card payments using an online secure link.

Please contact us and a secure payment link will be provided to make an online transaction.

 Using either method for card payments, the transaction will be processed by MEPs Jordan and an invoice will automatically be sent for the amount deducted and will appear on your card statement.

 Please note that you will be charged in Jordanian Dinar. The conversion rate is $1 USD = 0.708 JOD . The 3% surcharge is added to cover the merchant fees.

2-Credit/Debit Card payments using an authorisation form

To make an offline payment a credit card authorisationform  , please contact us .

Attachments required for payments using an authorization form:

-Copy of credit card (both sides) of person who is responsible for the booking

-Copy of the passport of the credit card hold

Regarding Cancelation, Please note that there are no cancelation fees , you can cancel up to 03 days before arrival , but kindly notify us 03 days before if you want to cancel .

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