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Horse riding in Jordan, from Petra to Wadi Rum

Discover the south of Jordan

Discover the south of Jordan on horseback where nature is breathtakingly beautiful and rugged. One of its natural wonders is one of the most impressive desert landscapes in the world; Wadi Rum. This vast, echoing and colorful desert is a true paradise for nature lovers. The horse riding takes you from the mountainous area around Petra with stunning views to the vast sand plains and steep rock formations of Wadi Rum.

Combined with a visit to the ancient city of Petra, a horseback riding holiday in Jordan will be the experience of a lifetime. We have created the following trekking for you: 4 days & 6 days riding from Petra to Wadi Rum.

Horse riding

During the program with the 4 riding days you will explore the Kharaza area, the northern part of the Wadi Rum desert with its natural rock bridges, the “mushroom”, ancient inscriptions and colorful sand dunes. You will enjoy long canters on endless sandy tracks through beautiful valleys.

During the program with the 6 riding days you will enjoy all of the above and you will also explore the protected area of Wadi Rum where you will see more impressive rock bridges, you will ride through stunning canyons and over mudflats perfect for long canters.

Delicious foods

Daily you will enjoy delicious Arabic dishes.

For breakfast: eggs, cheese, hummus, olive oil & herbs (zaater), jam, cucumber, tomato, fruits, bread, tea and coffee.

Lunch: dishes with chicken, vegetables and rice, or different kinds of salad and bread.

Dinner: dishes like ‘sanniya’ (warm dish with vegetables, potatoes and chicken),‘maglouba’ (rice with spices and chicken or meat and vegetables), barbeque, fried fish, vegetables, kofta, always combined with fresh salads and a dessert.

Tea, water and soft drinks will be available at all times. We have catered for many vegetarians, so this is no problem for our chef.

Ride local horses

You will ride local horses; they are not very tall but they are extremely strong and sturdy and perfectly fit to work in tough conditions in the desert. Riders must be fit, able to trot, canter and gallop and have experience with trail riding.

Guests are allowed to take care of their own horse, giving water and food, brushing and saddling at each stop. We have a different range of horses, from easy and quiet to pretty active and highly enthusiastic.

Do you love horses and the outdoors? Then join us on this adventure of a lifetime; a horse riding holiday in Jordan from Petra to Wadi Rum!

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