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02 hrs Camel Tour & 04 hrs Jeep Tour with Sleeping Under the Stars -Bivouac Camping (RAC-SUS-005)

Tour Name :

02 hrs Camel Tour & 04 hrs Jeep Tour with Sleeping Under the Stars -Bivouac Camping (RAC-SUS-005)

Duration :

06  hours Approx. ( + overnight )

Start Time :

Any Time before sunset ( 06-06.30 hrs approx. before sunset )

Finish Time :

Any time whenever the tour finishes or the next day after breakfast

Dates :

Any date / day (available ) but booking in advance is required

Tour Type :

Private Tour or with group upon request


Detailed Itinerary:

Arrival to Wadi Rum  , we will send you in the instructions of how to meet our guide(s),  The Tour and What to see (sightseeing) for the tour of 02 hrs Camel Tour & 04 hrs Jeep Tour with Sleeping Under the Stars -Bivouac Camping  :

02 Horus Camel Tour and Ride: From Wadi Rum Village, You will start this trip bycamel to visit and see some natural place, firstly you will go to by camel to Lawrence's spring where you can walk on the mountain to see the natural spring. Then leaving to the Roman Map. You finish your camel tour there .

04 Horus Jeep Tour :You will continue by jeep for 04 hours  , First , you will go to Sand dunes where you can walk  on soft sands. Then you will continue to Khazali Canyon where you can walk through the canyon and see some ancient Bedouin Inscription. Finally before going to the camp , you will visit the Small Arch (Little Bridge) where you can climb for a little while beforeUm Froth Rok Arch where you can climb for a little while before heading to the beautiful Wadi Rum panorama picture and see the line between the red and white desert. Then We drive to Abu Khashaba Canyon, Abu Khashaba canyon is one of the canyons in the Wadi Rum area that is worth a visit. This red and yellow sand canyon is surprisingly green with desert bushes and trees. You will visit also Burdah rock bridge / JabalBurdah ,This bridge is considered one of the highest natural arches in the world& It is one of the most spectacular sites in Wadi Rum. Finally, we will visit Lawrence House .

Drive you to the location where you will sleep and stay the overnight , enjoy the dinner and enjoy star gazing after dinner & Overnight .

The next day, breakfast and then drive you back to Rum Village / Wadi Rum visitors’ center &departure.


(*If you arrive in the late afternoon, we will drive you directly to the camp and the next day we start vice versa)


Rate Per Person in JD

Rate Case /

Number of People

Rate Per person in JD

(In case of tour with overnight )

01 Person only

135 JD 

02 People

100 JD

03 People

 95 JD

04 People

95 JD 

05 People

90 JD 

06 People

 90 JD

07 People and More

Please contact us*



Rate Includes the followings  :

-All transfers from in the itinerary

-Camel tour for 02 hours approx. + 04 hours Jeep Tour

-Mineral Water & Bedouin Tea (Hospitality )

-Box-lunch throughout the tour

-An Overnight / Sleeping Under the Stars -Bivouac Camping BBQ Dinner and breakfast

Rate Does Not Include the followings  :

-Wadi Rum Entrance fees 5 JD per person

-Optional Tours ( Balloon Ride , in case if you would like to sleep under the stars …etc  )


Very Important notes :

-You should consult of arrival and departure dates and time , to suggest you the best time to start or finish . Please note that Sunset and Sunrise times are not fixed (changeable : summer and winter time)

-Let us know if you want to add any of the optional tours will be listed below under “Optional & Extras” Section

Optional & Extras :

1-You can ride a camel to be extra which costs you 10 JD per person.

2- The next day after breakfast, you can ride camel back to Rum village which costs you 20 JD per person extra.

3-Please check this link for more optional tours we can offer you : ( )


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