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Wadi Rum Camel Caravan Tour with sleeping under the stars (RAC-CT-003)

This Tour Upon request

Detailed Itinerary:

Arrival to Wadi Rum  , we will send you in the instructions of how to meet our guide(s),  The Tour and What to see (sightseeing)  :

Day 1

You will leave Petra after breakfast and after one and a half hour driving, you will arrive in Wadi Rum village where we will meet you at Atlantis Rum Camp office for tea and introductions with your Bedouin guide. After you have said hello to your camel, you will begin riding from the village and we cross the red sand dunes, stopping to look at the ancient Nabatean inscriptions in Umfashieh. After a relaxing lunch in the sand dunes, you will cross Um Ischreen valley, arriving at Barragh canyon. You will spend the night in the bivouac camp at the entrance of the canyon.

Day 2

After breakfast, cross Barragh canyon with a stop at the ancient Nabatean well, where you can listen to its extraordinary echo feature! Lunch will be with a panoramic vue of Schgaig mountains. In the afternoon you will travel through a smaller mountain range, passing the special mushroom shaped rock. You will spend the night in bivouac at the foot of Jebel Burdah.

Day 3

Today we head south to Um Umgur valley and the white sandy valleys that characterise the southern desert. Lunch is in the shade of Um Umgur mountain., and you will have a full afternoon to explore this wild area and stop at a Bedouin dam still in use by our families. In the evening we will stop in the valley of Umsabatah, famous for its beautiful sunset views, for our last night in this special place.

Day 4

For our last day our caravan rides through Saabata valley, crossing in the direction of the spring area where you will visit Qatar and Lawrence springs, where Bedouin families still to this day come to their goats and camels. Indeed it is the presence of this water that permitted the ancient Nabateans to live in the valley, and thanks to this the area became an essential element for the passage of caravans on the trade route to Aqaba.

In the afternoon we will transfer to Wadi Rum & drop you off there .


To request this tour , please contact us further : let us know how many persons , date of arrival ...etc 

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