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 Wadi Rum Protected Area & Natural Reserve ,  Umm Eshrine -  Jordan

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Ahlan wa Sahlan - Welcome to Jordan & Wadi Rum

Welcome to “Atlantis Rum Camp & Tours” !

People have lived in Rum for thousands of years, struggling to survive in its harsh environment. They have been hunters, pastoralists, farmers and traders, as Rum is close to national borders. Even the famous Nabateans once occupied Rum, leaving behind several structures, including a temple.

wadirum atlantisrumcampLocal people gained notoriety more recently when they joined the arab revolt forces under the leadership of king Faisal and fought along with Lawrence of Arabia during the Arab Revolt (1917/18) to fight the occupying Turkish and German armies. Lawrence himself makes many references to Wadi Rum in his book ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’, a title apparently inspired by one of Rum’s imposing mountains. The exploits of Lawrence have become part of local folklore, and some popular tourist sites are named after him, although whether he used these exact sites is open to debate.

Virtually all the people living in and around Wadi Rum today are of Bedouin origin and, until recently, led nomadic lives, relying on their goat herds. They are resourceful, hospitable people who are largely responsible for developing Wadi Rum as a tourist destination.

Recognizing the unique natural and cultural history of Wadi Rum and the vital importance of tourism to the local economy, the government of Jordan declared Wadi Rum a protected area in 1998. With support from the World Bank they commissioned the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, a national NGO, to prepare a conservation plan and build a team of local people to manage the area. This team is now under the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority and is pioneering ways to restore and safeguard Rum’s sensitive desert habitats from ever-increasing human pressure.


::: Our Tours & Activities :::

atlantis campOur camp is situated inside Wadi Rum’s Protected Area,  10 min. (approx.) driving from the Wadi Rum Village and surrounded by magnificent sandstone formations. This is the land where Lawrence Arabia once fought with Bedouins, against the Ottoman Empire. You can walk around and let your imagination run free, or simply find yourselves the perfect panorama view.

The camp is located in Umm Eshrine Area & the Map site :

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Our high quality, goat-hair tents provide you with a comfortable night in our desert. The tents are raised and private and can accommodate many different sized groups. Each tent is equipped with its own indoor light so you can move around easily at all times of day.

We have double, triple, and family-sized tents, all come with fresh sheets, warm blankets, and towels.

 Tent 1  Tent 2 tENT 3 


Our bathroom are shared , but separated shared bathrooms:  for men and women

-  02 western toilets and 01 shower for Women

-  02 western toilets and 01 shower for Women

 The showers are equipped with solar hot water around the clock allowing you to freshen up after a long day.  Our camp uses environmentally friendly solar panels for electricity in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

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Our guests can walk up the rocks above our camp where they can enjoy perfect sunsets through Umm Eshrine Area



Each evening, our guests gather in our big community tent. We serve tea after our guests settle down at our camp after a day of exploration by jeep or camel, or by hiking, scrambling or rock climbing. This tent has a fireplace and offers a 360° view of the desert. The view of the sunset from this tent is fantastic and tourists often watch the sun go down over conversation and some tasty Bedouin tea.



After the sun goes down, we serve a traditional Bedouin meal. Our meals typically involve a selection of meats, vegetables, rice, salads, mineral water, and tea. We serve our local traditional dishes for dinner, for examples: Kabsa – rice dish with chicken or lamb usually cook for wedding party; or Mansaf – national dish also for wedding parties; or Zarb – chicken and vegetables cooked in the ground by traditional Bedouin technique. In addition, vegetables, mezze (humus, mutabel) and different kind of salad will be served. Our meals offer a variety of different foods ensuring that there is something for everyone including those who are vegetarian or gluten-free.



As night falls, the community tent is warmed by an indoor fireplace; it is time to hear stories about these lands from the people who were born, raised, and still live and love here. You are free to hang out and socialize or head to your private tent to settle in for the night.


In the morning, our guests return to the big tent for a continental breakfast composed of local foods. In the morning, our guests return to the big tent for a continental breakfast composed of local foods. After breakfast, guests move on to start their day.


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